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Already as a child, I could travel with my family to many different countries all over the world. After the apprenticeship, the wanderlust attracted me as a backpacker around the world. Today I travel several times a year to foreign countries. On study trips, I can deepen my knowledge and gain more experience.

The fascination for countries and cultures is insatiable.

Hans Graf


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destinations visited

USA, Arabia, Costa Rica, Italy, Mauritius, La Réunion, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Maldives, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico, Cuba, Scotland, Great Britain, French Polynesia, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Canada, Dominican Republic, Austria, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Malta, India, Germany, Ireland, France, Belgium, different european cities

Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Argentinia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, USA, Canada, Portugal, Germany, France, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Crete, Mallorca, Dominican Republic, Italy incl. Sardinia, Austria, Sweden, Cities in Europe + New York

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